Disability Insurance: Why You Need it?

Disability Insurance, you probably think this is a waste of money. You’ll never need it because you’ve always worked and always will. But, what happens if you get sick unexpectedly and can no longer work or can only work part-time? How will you make up for that loss in income? Savings can only last so long before they run out.

Disability insurance can provide you with income when because of illness you are no longer able to continue working full-time. This could just be a temporary situation or a permanent one. Disability insurance can be especially helpful if you are self-employed because you are solely responsible for your income.  And it’s not just for older people. Young people need disability insurance just as much. Remember, just because you are young, you are not immune from illness.

Please consider getting a disability insurance policy for you and your significant other. You’ll be glad you did!